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Social Quarters    Club Memberships

How to become a member:

You must be 21+ to become a member.


Stop in to the Social Quarters during hours of operation and ask the bartender for an application.


Memberships are annual and cost $12 to initially sign up, and subsequently $10 a year to renew.


Fill out your application and have a current member recommend you on the form. You will need a current member's information, signature, and membership #.


Hand in your application with $12 cash or check payable to the Kutztown Fire Company.


Applications for membership must go through the House Committee and can take up to 2 months to process.


You will receive your physical membership card via mail and then can begin to utilize your member benefits.


Your receipt is proof of purchase and does not count as a valid membership card.








     Thank you for your patronage.


With your membership:

Members are permitted to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. In addition, members may sign in up to 2 guests per business day to consume alcohol. Guests must have valid identification. Please have your membership card ready to purchase alcohol or to sign in guests.


Non-members may not purchase alcohol, and you must be present with your guests for the duration of their visit for them to continue drinking. Non-members may purchase food items at any time, with or without accompaniment. 


After your guests have visited our establishment 3 times, we ask that they proceed to signing up for membership.


Members are permitted to partake in any of our small games of chance. These include punch boards and pigs, located at the bar. The Social Quarters also provides a gaming machine featuring 8 varities of pull-tickets with payouts up to $1,000. 


Members will receive our exclusive bi-annual newsletter with information on new developments and an opportunity to participate in our cash prize fundraisers. Proceeds benefit the Kutztown Fire Company, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Memberships are valid for individuals and do not extend to immediate family or spouses. Kutztown Fire Company Memberships are only valid at our location.